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Time Tones EP (04/2016)

Artwork by Lola Delta
Label: Unlog

EPhemere EP (10/2014)

Like a pictureless movie leaving room to imagination.

Produced by TSF in Montreal, this opus will give you the feeling of a pictureless movie, as a ticket to unknown. It takes you on a journey as a trip out of time in the land of modified perception.
It's a musical interlude in your daily reality. If only it could lasts forever, but it's only ephemeral

Artwork by Pierre Mortel
Label: On The Stick Records

Mixtape #3 - Brain Noise (07/2015)

25 Beats produce, mix and master by TSF
A Hip-Hop project on 4 sides mix, 4 moods for your soul and ears.
Artwork by MUL
Label: On The Stick Records

Lost Frequencies (08/2014)

"This Collection is HARD to Describe because it is So Many MAGICAL Things Blended Simultaneously!
Strong Elements of very Contrasting Genres such as Dubstep and East Indian Style(s)(Bengali) World Beat co-exist within the same song ('Telephone Call From Bengalore') not to mention the Entire Album. East Indian Dialects contrast with French, Synth Bass Contrast with Native Eastern/Middle East Virtual Woodwinds and Strings. Other Worldly Female/Male Adult Vocals contrast with those of Children.
'Cercle Polaire', adds English, Howling Huskies and Countless Sound Effects in a Wonderfully Strange Arctic Themed Work.
'Cabora Bassa Part.2 [Feat AGE]' tosses in American Style Hip Hop/Rap and so goes the Collection; multiple Genres, Themes, Moods and Musical Textures.
Explore for yourself.

Artwork by Opoze
Label: On The Stick Records

Mixtape #2 - Freed Noise (09/2013)

25 beats from TSF
Artwork by Pierre Mortel
Label: On The Stick Records

Numbers Station (03/2013)

Mixtape #1 - Grey Noise (09/2012)

Orchestral Sounds From The Bedroom (06/2011)

Absence (maxi) (04/2011)

Démence (maxi) (03/2011)

Voyages (12/2009)