RESET (09/2020)

Reset is a turning point album in TSF's career, a synthesis of his 10 years spent digging and handling samples from all possible origins (vinyls, audio tapes, youtube, radio, auto sampling, field recording) and his way of shouting his love of sampling.
You are ready ? We press the reset button!
Label : WEATNU records

2020 (08/2020)

2020 need to chill
Label : WEATNU Records

#FridayTrack (03/2019)

A series of unreleased tracks
Label : Turtle Music

SQUICK! (11/2018)

Artwork by Kimha Chau
Label : Turtle Music

Canicule (and more) (08/2016)

Artwork by TSF
Label : Turtle Music

Time Tones EP (04/2016)

Artwork réalisé par Lola Delta
Label : Unlog

Mixtape #3 - Brain Noise (07/2015)

EPhemere EP (10/2014)

Lost Frequencies (08/2014)

Mixtape #2 - Freed Noise (09/2013)

Numbers Station (03/2013)